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Dedicated to Your Success

Our broad portfolio of technical solutions can meet the unique IT requirements of your business. SBWH delivers superior hosting environments tailored to your needs.

Corporate leaders, IT directors, developers, and marketing professionals prefer SBWH for our solid offerings in infrastructure hosting, custom application hosting, test & dev environments and rich media hosting.

Focused Solutions

We have invested in the best virtualization and server technologies available to provide you with outstanding service. Our dedicated support staff is highly knowledgeable and empowered to respond to changing needs and provide expert technical assistance.

Managed Servers

Dedicated Physical Servers

  •  Best Performance
  •  Fully Managed
  •  Root Control

Virtual Servers

  •  Quick Deployment
  •  Flexible Configs
  •  Resource Expansion
Private Cloud

Pooled Resources

  • Dynamic Provisioning
  • Scale Resources


  • Increase or decrease resources on-demand




  • Fully-Manned Command Center
  • Man-Traps
  • Certified Security Staff

Strategic Location

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Disaster Avoidance Zone

Connect with Us

SUPERNAP Building DesignDiscover the world's largest and most powerful data center.

SUPERNAP TSCIF ExchangeThermal Separate Compartment in Facility (T-SCIF).

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