Protecting your business assets on multiple levels.

Proactive prevention is the best defense.

Multi-Tiered Security

The data center grounds, facility, security systems and trained staff provide considerable obstacles to any security breach.

Data Center Exterior Physical Security: The data center employs hardened physical security methods including perimeter barriers, blast walls, clear avenues of approach, monitored entry and exit gates and extensive video surveillance. Entry points are kept to a minimum and each exterior door is reinforced, alarmed, access controlled and viewed by a dedicated fixed camera.

Data Center Command Center Fully Manned, 24/7 Security Command Center: All security staff members are hired with military and security experience and undergo comprehensive training in policy, procedure and non-lethal weapon practices. Security management staff are required to be active members in ASIS International. The Command Center monitors local, national and international events, weather and air traffic in addition to all sectors of the facility and client access.

Data Center Entrance Man-Traps: Exterior doors of the data center lead to custom engineered man-traps built using fire corridor construction, sheeted with 12-gauge steel and strapped by 1/4" aluminum. Passage through the man-traps requires biometric and access card authentication. Each man-trap includes audio and fixed camera surveillance. Equipment entering and exiting the facility is escorted by security personnel.

Data Center Server Cages Individualized Protection: Each client space - cage, cabinet or suite - is individually locked and monitored. Detectors are used around the property and provide early warning for perimeter and sensitive area intrusion. Sensor types include infrared motion, ultrasonic motion, photoelectric motion, electromechanical sensors such as door contacts, internal lock sensors and seismic sensors.

Data Center

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