Strategically located to keep you
in business.

Disasters happen. But not everywhere.

Strategically Located

Touted as America's safest data center, the SuperNap in Las Vegas is the ideal location for mission-critical services and data that your business depends on to survive. Housing many of the world's largest and most influential companies, it demands the highest levels of security, efficiency and reliability.

In addition to existing in the U.S. Safety Zone, the SuperNap also lives within a realm of extensive renewable energy sources and in one of the newest urban infrastructures in the country.

Safe. Secure. Trusted. We have chosen the best data center to protect our customers' interests. And ours. 

U.S. Disaster Avoidance Map

Data Center

U.S. Safety Zone Ice Storms Tornados Floods Earthquakes Hurricanes Power Outages Tsunamis Nuclear Plants

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